Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spring 2011

I haven't really been keeping a secret because I really haven't mentioned much of this. But I am excited to announce: My huge news is we are saying " I DO!" next spring :) I am absolutely stoked. So I wanted to share some inspiration photos I have ran across recently...
So obviously, i'm shootin' for outside & Spring-ish. Where can a girl get those awesome aqua blue "Ball" mason jars? I have ONE! I want like 30. Maybe 40. There is a antique shop 15miles from here, but an 85 year-old-man owns it and knows the value of them... therefore they are priced for 18.95-20.00 dollars. This girl is NOT paying that much! So if you know, let ME know!

all the photos source is StylemePretty

 Oh, gosh. I love this! I love planning a once in a lifetime party. Crisp, lovely, romantic, vintage, bright, beautiful, cheerful party! I will be posting more. But if ya'll know of where I can find those mason jars, LET ME KNOW!

- jp


  1. Congrats!! I'll be on the lookout for some jars. Do you ever go to the antique store I don't know what road it is on but it is the same road as goodwill? The smaller shop with random stuff outside? I always find good random things there.

  2. Hey, I know it's not the same, but there is a tutorial at that shows how to color glass jars yourself. You might get a similar look.

  3. congratulations! (just a tad bit late, eh?!)
    your inspiration pics are beautiful. i love them all!