Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I can say I haven't posted in FOR-EVER! I have been so busy with work, church, visiting, hanging out... regular 'ol life. Let's see, since I logged on last, I have probably gained 15lbs. UGH! Got bugs in my house recently, and it's horrible!!! Had Mr. D come spray the house and now we are BUG-FREE!!! Doing some planning... I will have to show you some ideas I have come up with for my "planning". :)

I had to post this of Brightyn and I in the SUPER messy 2nd bedroom. The lighting is awful...everything in there!!! But I love her in this picture.. this is her "hug", and i'm okay with her stepping on my fabric to hug me! :)
My sister graduated TBI (Texas Bible Institue) May 1st! YAY! I'm so proud of my sister. Now she will continue HPU here, locally.
That's really been it lately. I just haven't taken pictures so much. I haven't done crafts, kinda lazy. But i'll be back! Take care ya'll!