Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Memorial Day weekend...

It is finally close to Memorial Day! We are excited about this, you know getting an extra day off. We get Monday off, of course. But, we are excited because KC, never gets off. If his boss could work him 24/7 7days a week, of course he would. But the good news is we are going to Gorman Falls (Colorado Bend State Park)- talk about STOKED!

These are just a couple of the pictures from the State Park. Doesn't it just seems so peaceful? We are "roughin'" it too!!! Camping, tent, out house toilets, COLD water to shower, 14miles of trails, hiking, fishing... it just sounds fun!

Enough of that! What have ya'll been up to lately? It seems like the economy around here has picked up quite a bit and i like it. I don't like sitting still at work and doing nothing, I would rather be busy!

This is all random, sorry! But a few weeks ago, we went to a guys place where he has like 30something old cars/trucks... but look at this SUV!!! WE love old trucks and cars.

I'm outta here, it's late and there is no supper here yet!!!


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  1. Have a great trip. That looks like a great place to go but I've never understood the appeal of camping!