Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy girl

There are a few contest going around about "Ruffles", sharing what you have. Well in one of my recent posts, I showed my re-vamped lamp. And I have my finished picture!!!

They are somewhat, grainy, not sure why. Oh, well. This is it! I love it. After I snapped this picture I thought, well I don't have a before. BUT I DO!!!! Accidently! I was taking a picture a few weeks ago, of my pinecones that were on this table, and it's the same shot pretty much! :) Here it is before:

I really do like the after. It's more spring-y lookin'! I also re-vamped a red sweater! Seen below is now a ruffle pillow! :) YES, I DO LOVE IT!!

I have been dying to take a few shots of our back yard flowers that are on the trees/bushes! When I got home today, I ran outside to take a few pictures of the peach tree flowers and some random red/pinkish ones growing on their own ;)

I got my Country Living magazine today :)

Another thing to be excited about... my mom and sister went out of town to the BX(base shopping center!) to shop and got me a few goodies! :) This lamp was orignially $25!!!! Marked down to $4!!!!!!!! (happy dance) I love it's modern style.

The larger candle below was originally $14, marked down to $3! :) (insert happy dance!) And the tealight ones were orignially around $5 and marked down to $0.98 and $1.00!!!! GO MOM!!

So that, my friends is my life lately! :)
Do a happy dance!


  1. Hey Jo!
    Love your blog and thank you for the sweet comment on mine! Please feel free to contact me at and I'll try to answer any question you have about PT.

  2. Hey Jo!

    I'm glad you entered my giveaway and that it led me to your fun blog! Love the pillow! Super fun way to turn an ugly sweater into something super cute!

    Now, to just find your "follow" button!--

    Caitlin @ That House on The Corner

  3. I love that lamp shade. Such a great change! Isn't it so nice to have all the pretty blooms out.