Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring is coming!!

Is Spring coming ya'lls way? It has been in the 70s lately, and THAT makes me so happy! We have had a cold Winter for Texas. I just threw a few pictures in here from the last few days. We visited my mom's house that she grew up in( I will post pictures..later)

I made all three of these pillows but I was really just trying to get that white one! :) 16" x 16" white fabric, and ModPodged the birdie shapes on there!! :) I love it with my white pillows and white duvet mom got me!!

Peaches :) mmm..mmm..good! We had peaches fried with brown sugar for a topping on our Homemade Vanilla ice cream!

Bought new thread, totally excited about that teal color! Spring is in the air!

New small house plant for my kitchen!

Just randomness around the house! I hope your week is going fantastic!

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