Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blogger friends...

I love getting emails from you blogger gals. It's so awesome! I really feel like your my FRIENDS!!! The e-friendship deal is good. :) Head on over to Amber's site and link up!

I am.... a sister, friend, cousin,daughter, lover..

I think.... (actually I know)i am ready for the SUNSHINE!

I should...open an Etsy shop (THINKING ABOUT IT!)

I dream.... of all white furniture and a balcony...

I want....to finish school and become what my goal is for life!

I know...i love my Savior and my family more than anything in this world!

I don't like....this Ginseny Energy tea i'm drinking right now..

I smell...this TEA!!!!! -gag-

I hear....trucks,cars going past my work/birds singing this morning :)

I fear....HEIGHTS!

I usually...wake up in a great mood!

I search...through blogs all day at work because I love it!!!!

I miss....refer to #2 ;)

I always...wear my makeup to work :)

I regret....

I wonder....what today will be like?

I crave....WATER because this energy tea is so gross.

I remember...my childhood years like it was last night ;)

I need.....to lose 10lbs and head to the gym. but lose 10lbs. first-somehow... haha

I forget....a lot of things sometimes.

I feel....GREAT so far this morning!

I can....always go to my friend and share something with her. :)

I can't....be mean (well unless you have totally pushed all of my buttons!)

I am happy....ALL of the time
(unless something is happening)

I lose.....interest in something if I don't continue dealing with it...

I sing....in the shower! (don't you?)

I listen...to my parents at all times

I shop.....'til i drop giiiirl

I eat....chicken, for most of my meals

I love.....MY FAMILY!!!!

So, like I said, head on over to Amber's! If you linked up email me or just comment :) (since I get more emails than comments)! Which that's okay, but I like to know what ya thinkin'!




  1. I loved reading your answers! Some of ours were the same!! :)

  2. So nice to meet you! I'm so glad you're joining in. I love your blog, so cute. Great answers!

    And p.s. I ♥ your ruffle lamp!

  3. I need energy. And I'm thinking "hmm, maybe I should drink that tea" but then you're gagging over it so maybe not so much.

    Loved reading your list - great to meet you!

  4. Hey Jo,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am SO ready for the sunshine and warm weather too! I also love your red ruffle pillow that you made out of your sweater. How fun!!