Thursday, February 11, 2010


It's still a few more weeks before we even begin to see Spring! That is way too long for us Texans, we love the sunshine. It hasn't shined so pretty in SO long, I am having withdrawals from you sunny, I sure do miss you!! So this makes me in deep search for Winter clothes MORE!! I am loving this cardigan and this cardigan and this cardigan!!! A LOT! As well as THIS coat!

Cardigans are my favorite piece of clothing. I scored one yesterday in our mall for $6.97 regulary $34.00!!!! That is a bargain times the universe!

You know, I haven't been home much lately but I sure have been at work and searching some blogs! :) I love to do this. I love the blog world and getting to "know" you girls or guys on here. It's awesome. I like sharing projects, clothes, weather, thoughts, etc.. It's awesome! Thanks for allowing me to do so Blogger! So I wanted to share some links to blogs that I enjoy looking at EVERY.SINGLE.DAY and I am telling the truth when I say EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! :)

Ashley with the awesome craft ideas
Jen with something different everyday
These momma's make sense
Velvet & Linen very beautiful home

So there is just a bit of what I look at all day! Grab your coffee, or hot cocoa or a COLD drink depending on where you are living and stay awhile to search them gals if you haven't already!!

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