Friday, February 5, 2010

Sam Moon

Have you ever heard of Sam Moon? If not, go check IT out! Their stuff is super cheap, yet trendy! I love it. The closest one to me is in Dallas/Ft. Worth area, but STILL! I will make the trip there when I can!

The orange clutch is only $29.95! The earrings I believe were $7.50, but I love them!!! The best about those earrings are they are made out of Genuine Leather!! :) How comfy is that, yet trendy??

OH! I HAVE to add this picture! It is hilarious to us BECAUSE we are no where close to a cowgirl nor cowgirl style (no offense) just not out style. When KC first came in from Seattle, we went to the mall and of course this town is truck/cowboy city so we stopped in the western store at the mall and tried on boots for KICKS!! :) still makes us laugh!



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