Saturday, February 13, 2010


So, I found out last thursday I won THIS!! I chose the squirrel towel, because KC absolutely is fond of squirrels ; ) So sweet Vanessa sent that package right over to me!

Look how adorable that little birdie is that was on my package!! I absolutely loved it V, thank you so very much!! I love my towel and so does KC so we are all happy ;) And then here are some homemade V-day cards I made for KC's family up north in good 'ol Washington state!

Then just random pictures:

Speaking of winning, I won a drawing from the bulletin here (newspaper)!!!! I have never won anything until I won from V last week. How IRONIC!!!??? So anyways for the bulletin you had to count the "Cupids" up until Thursday Feb. 11th and then turn in your count! So this is the funny part...Since I NEVER win anything I told my co-worker "uh, i'm not doing that I never win." So she counted for like 3 weeks out of the paper... and on Tuesday she said just cut the ad out of the paper and put the same number as me down... so I gave in and turn in my count, mailed it to our local newspaper company and waited... Friday the 12th comes around and I get a voicemail from our newspaper company and she said " JO!!! YOU WON!!!!"... um, won what? hahahahahahaha, I was embarrassed. I NEVER EVER EVER win, i'm serious. :) So I won this little bouquet of flowers that was $50!

I also got a $20 gift certificate to a restaurant in town and two movie tickets :) How awesome?!?! I was super excited. And of course, my picture was taken and will be in the paper! So yeah, this has been my week!!

I hope ya'll have a beautiful Valentine's Day! We have a Valentines dinner-newlywed-game-award-communion-lovin' plan for tonight! Our church is puttin' it on and it will be a blast! I am totally excited! Stay tuned for that...



  1. I'm glad you liked it! Those cards are so cute, I may have to steal the idea next year. Congrats on your other win.

  2. Thank you!! :) You go right ahead and use the card idea! It was a ton of fun!!