Friday, August 21, 2009

When someone says...

"IT'S A SMALL WORLD!!!!" They are not kidding! One of my sweet co-workers( Director of Operations)... sister-n-law has a blog and I found it yesterday, simply from just randomly looking at blogs! And she doesn't live in Texas like we do, she lives a few states over, made me giggle! NO WAY! It's so cool how you find people on here! It made me like jump for joy... or joy jumping... or something! ;) Anywho, you get the point I was excited and I don't even know her! How cool.

And of course, I always have to show my sunsetting magic! ;)

You think, no way, was it really that PINK!?? Yes, it was my friends. How beautiful, huh?

So, we went for a "trail adventure" and my nephew went with us.

I said "Logan, stand like you REALLY need to use that "crutch"..." And that was his stance. ;)

SORRY about all the random pictures and thrown information atcha, but you still like it!! Ya'll have a HAPPY FRIDAY! & Awesome weekend!


  1. Nothing like a pretty sunset to end the day and your nephew is too cute, nothing better than a nephew!

  2. Hey- its okay to be as random as you want! Its YOUR BLOG! I saw a sunset the other night that was crazy awesome.... to bad I was yelling at tech support or id have snapped a picture for you!!!