Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our backyard

I was looking through pictures on my computer and saw some of our backyard and I love it. :) I LOVE our backyard. This was from a few months ago, so the grass is greener and we have trimmed some of the bushes and trees.

This picture was a few days before we mowed our grass, sorry about the messy, long, grass!

We have 11 trees in our backyard! They are all pecan trees(i'm not a fan of). I like being able to go outside bare footed and not step on pecans!!! During the fall, that's generally what happens! Anywho, I still love our yard. It's beautiful and peaceful. These pictures were taken on an early morning around 8am. :) Beautiful eh?

And just to make you giggle, look at our baby at 3months! Is this hilarious or what? She was in her crate, because we were at the track and my lovely fiance was racing motorscooters ;)

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  1. JO
    That is too funny! Such a small world, not too many Kleypas people out there. I will have to let Keri know you found me, I don't think they even know a blog, heck my husband doesn't even read it. Thanks for stopping by and your puppy is too cute!