Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dreamin' it up

KC & I are restoring his 1937 pick' em up truck and... it's a blast! This picture was from around December '08, hence the track jacket ;)

There's a little sneek peek.
Why don't I get something like this:

I like red, do you? LOL! What kind of car/truck is that!!? Something interesting I saw this summer in the Walmart parking lot, I just HAD to take a picture. ALTHOUGH I will be buying me an old car and paint it like a pastel pink ;)
Anywho, off that subject..onto this!

How PRETTY!!!!! I know my blog is always random pictures of different days, but it's okay I assume.
This is my mom painting my 'old' room when I lived at home. When my parents bought the house, my room used to be a nursery. OH BOY! The colors they had... like a sky blue and yellow and it had the wood border all the way around the wall about mid-way from the ceiling and floor. IT WAS AWFUL! So then we painted it Suede by Behr. When I had this room I had (the wall my mom is painting in that picture) a redish color for my main wall, it was neat. But she obviously didn't like it, but I love this transition she made. I had to show pictures! :)

I got home later that evening and my creative nephew (age 7) decided to let everyone know...

What a character ;) Gotta love 'em.
So there you have it. ANOTHER crazy randomish post! Happy Thursday & Happy viewing! :)

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