Monday, August 3, 2009

Just summer pictures

I have needed to update my blog with more pictures! These pictures are what we've been doing through the summer :)
A day at the lake! This is Brent & our puppy! She is only 6months, can ya believe it!? She is such a huge baby, and I love it! Her dad weights between 105-110, kinda monsterious! But they are such awesome and smart dogs we couldn't ask for better!

Captured this awesome double-rainbow yesterday after our storm! I haven't seen one in months! They are so beautiful, probably the most beautiful "Promise" I have ever seen! ;)

Nick(friend from Seattle), me & hotty-pa-too-pants fiance KC :) In Dr.Pepper city! Have ya'll ever heard of it? About 40mintues from my town! Neat little factory that still runs!

I told Katie(Bower Power) blog owner that I would show her pictures of my newly spray painted mirrow!

& Katie there is my transformation!!!! :) I absolutely love it. Katie thank you for helping me decide on the color! Your awesome!


  1. Hey girl - I thought I left a comment before but oh well :) Love the mirror makeover...totally like something you would see at Anthropologie! Great job!

    XO - Katie

  2. Thanks for your sweet input, you helped me so much! ;) Anthropologie, OKAY! i'm completely okay that it looks like something you would see there!

  3. Wow! Several things... HOW ARE YOU GETTING MORE RAIN THAN US???? NO FAIR! and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEEEEEE WHAT YOU DID to that mirror! What a BOLD transformation!!! Amazing! Red is so fun! and Yes, we are loving Texas, now that all the crazy things seem to have gone away. Its hot but im an AZ girl so thats cool. I have my first SUN BURN in 3 years. It hurts... so good. haha! Ill be tan in a few days. You cant really avoid the sun here. Thats okay. LOVE the new blog look too. orange and blue. My guest room colors (when I get around to doing something with it.)

  4. Oh hey I forgot to ask you- which pictures are you asking about? I have LOTS of textures, overlays and actions that I use. I can tell you which ones if you tell me which pictures! =) and um DR PEPPER CITY???????? HERRRRRRRRRRRRRRE??????????? I gotta go there! MMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Okay what i used on those pictures are just florabella textures. I dont think i even ran actions on them. You DO need a progam that allows layers, like photoshop to use it. this is her site. She is AMAZING. Im obsessed with her work! Makes me want to take pictures of flowers and stuff! Ahhh.. your sunsets would be great with these too. =)