Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random blabber

I miss my hair being this long! This was taken last year sometime, and I always have long hair but I got this urge to chop it off around fall of '08. And KC & I loved it just for a short period of time and it's JUST now a few inches past my shoulders!! I just don't have the patience EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. to mess with it. I like when it's long and I have it cut a certain way and hair spray and G.O.! ;)

Anywho, I just had to share that little bit of information there. Crazy weather here in Texas. It's been around 100degrees this week. Yesterday it poured rain like no-ones biznasssss. I couldn't believe it! I'm sitting at work hoping the lightning & thunder doesn't shatter my windows!

And I will leave you with this awesome pictures of my hottie patoopants riding his bike on a circuit track!! :) I LOVE IT!!

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