Tuesday, September 1, 2009


"Come back to Texas!" (name that song). The week of September 13th, KC & I are headed to Ohio!!! We live in Texas now, and we were driving to Ohio and we are STOCKED! We love to travel and we have seen a lot of the west coast Washington, Oregon, California, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada! :) Now we are going to Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio! That is absolutely exciting news to me. I can hardly wait! KC was bidding on ebay and won the big over a 1937 pick em up truck. We need it for parts to work on ours, so here we go! Sorry about that little splurge that I just did, but what can I say, we are pumped!
ahhh!!! I just think that is soooo pretty and so relaxing. Water and a bridge lite up :) We may smooch under the bridge ;)

Ya'll have a great Tuesday!


  1. LUCKY! Okay my FAVORITE trip was driving from AZ to MD... going through all those middle states was SO COOL! Its amazing how they all look so totally different! I LOVED Oklahoma and Iowa. My husband lived in Ohio for 2 years too. We may end up there... we shall see!!! Have fun!!!!

  2. Have fun, trips in the car are always fun, unless you are married to my husband who will not stop for anything except gas and lunch. Makes a nice 13 hour drive to Texas extra long! I'm excited about the duvet set. I bet it will look great, make sure you post a picture. I know what you mean about feeling guilty when you buy something. I bought some wrinkle cream this morning and I felt so bad.