Wednesday, July 1, 2009


"The sun is shining.." Can you guess what band out of the 5 that sing that song? It's true for my state. 85 today, at least it's not 104 like most of this summer has been. Didn't summer just start like a week ago? Yeah, well we've had summer since about March. I'm already over this 104 business!

We are debating on moving to Austin or Dallas. Can't figure out which one and it's annoying. It's stressful, I don't need any stress because school is stressing me out as it is! UGH! I don't know if I want to go to UT, or to TCU, or UT Southwestern. I just don't know. Im going on 3 years in school and I feel like I haven't accomplished anything. I'm going to be a Physical Therapist/Nutritionist. We are trying to start a business. We are looking for better jobs. We are looking for better opps. out there. He is 26 and i'm just a few years behind me, so we need to get going! I just hope and pray something opens up for us. We definitely need it. I am off to do some homework at work, just don't tell anyone!

I could take pictures of sunsets all day long.


  1. love the pics of the sunset! dallas is a great place- I lived there when I was younger and love to go back when I can- There is a train from OKC that goes to Dallas- My mother-in-law and I will be going in September & I can't wait! Love the pic of you puppy to! I can't wait to get a dog, but I think I am going to get my daughter potty trained before I take on anything else =)

  2. I hope its not too humid there. The heat I CAN take- 120? BRING IT ON! But humidity KILLS ME. I hope its not worse than MARYLAND. I love your sunset picture! I think thats so romantic you and your fiance met on the river walk! I hear its such a FUN place and a GREAT place to revisit! Esp for you TWO! Good luck with all that HOMEWORK. I really DO NOT envy you. I just let my husband do all the schooling now... haha!

  3. I just now saw your comment from the 16th, sorry about that. You have no experienced the heat, maybe? We have been getting some really bad storms! It's pretty dark out right now, considering it's only 950am. But I love storms because we hardly get them, the storms that are "Tornado" storms is what's scary, but interesting! Thank you for your sweet comment on my sunset capturing. And i'm so glad you guys are in SA, that's awesome. We had thought about moving there, but Austin, I believe it is!!! We will have to meet up!