Tuesday, June 30, 2009


It's raining! Some of you who live in Washington, or Oregon where it ALWAYS rains are probably thinking, how can you be so happy for rain! Well in the summertime here it's ALWAYS 104 and very dry and humid. We need a break every once in awhile and get some water poured on us! It's so nice when it's 72 degrees and a few sprinkles get on ya. :) I love that. I love when your sitting at your window at home and watching it rain, hearing it on the top of your roofs. OH! Joy! I can't wait to go home and make potato soup and watch a few episodes of something? Sounds like a plan to me.I know I know, my hair, I KNOW! I needed a hair cut in this picture, like 2months ago? And i'm dressed super sloppy, thats okay though right? I was just relaxing for the day. :)
I love him super much! Have a sweet day everyone!

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