Sunday, May 3, 2009


The weekend has finally come to an end. I can say this much though. It's May 03, 2009 and it's momma's birthday, a beautiful day, Anatomy and Physiology exam day, 65degree weather day, hopeful day. :) We had an awesome surprise birthday party for my lovely momma today and my parents' friends house, and she loved every momentary minute of it. It was beautiful! I will share pictures later on.

So 'Sigh' is the best word for this blog...

Something is bothering me so much right now is, I went online to attempt to take my exam, refreshed from the weekend, and ready to score an A on this exam. I press 'attempt exam', ready set go! I answered the first question, go up to the top to click on another tab to search for something online for this exam, AND I CLICKED OUT OF THE EXAM SO THAT MEANS I MADE A ZERO!!!!!! A BIG FAT ZERO. Does anyone know how scared I am at the moment? This is the scariest thing I personally have done in college all year long. Get this, after all the hard work for this class, I come to take the biggest test and make a ZERO!!!! =\ It scares me to know I did that. Sigh, and big sigh. It is so unbelievable. Annoying. Frustrating. I feel . that small if not smaller. Hopefully you beautiful friends out there ended their wonderful Sunday much better than I did.

Even though it started off bright and enjoying, it ended scary =\ After this, I will leave ya'll with a few pictures:

This is us in Louisiana after a track day :)
Another picture of us during track day, we look rough I know!

Shreveport, LA



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