Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In the 90s

Weather wise that is :) It has been in the 90s and extremely humid! I can't believe it, first of May and it's already summer-y feeling, incredible! My fiance is from Washington State, and its like... ughhh...? HELLO SUNSHINE! SMILE FOR ME! Oh he just loves it. It's awesome.

I'm not very happy with one of my professors are the local college here, she did something and it makes me angry. Something I can't help and it really messed me up on my HIGH gpa, I was shooting for. When you have a goal and it doesn't make it to that specific number or whatever the case may be, then it's upsetting. But it's summer school now and I have to look forward to my wonderful classes that are going to be so very hard =\ and smile maybe? I'll try.

So, I left Brightyn at my mom's house today. For those of you who don't know who Brightyn is she is my pup that is 12weeks, but she's a big pup. Look a few posts down. Do you care to know what the result is?--She chewed my mom's dogs food bowl up, found random trash in the backyard, that no one has seen? No telling where it came from. She also made a hole in the water hose. OH and she tore up my dad's tarp he had that covered his chainsaw!!!! WHAT A MESS. If KC saw this, he would be highly upset. I mean, who wouldn't? So, there ya have it. A pup that made a mess at his grandparents' house :) I felt so bad. It's like a baby/toddler that didn't behave at his grandparents' house.

Maybe I have some happy pictures to share since this post was a little naggy!
Wow! Such a bright sky. This picture was not edited! This is in my downtown area, I was getting out of my car ready for the gym and saw this unremarkable sky :) THANKS JESUS!
This was at a restaurant in Henderson, TX. Awesome restaurant. Sorry, I don't really remember the name of it. Jalepeno something? I'm horrible I know.
This was one of the hotel/casino's in Shreveport, LA that we tried out. I did like the inside decor. :) Very nice. If your wondering why we were in Shreveport living in Texas. KC (my fiance) is a professional motorcycle racer and he raced there. WE NEED SPONSORS! I wish my town was a lot bigger! Anywho, it's the end of my Wednesday, and i'm super tired.

Tootles :)


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