Thursday, May 7, 2009


I think she is a pretty girl :) You can't really see her in this picture because it's in the 'vintage' look. But I enjoy having her at our house everyday, I enjoy going home and knowing I can play with my pup. She wont be small for too long. She is only 12weeks, and she changes It's quite amazing. I just had to say I love her! We love her! She is definitely a beautiful green eyes girl.

I myself dont' care to watch Nascar. But since I live in Texas a friend that owns his own business goes to Nascar races, dirt bike races, and motorcycle races and sells hats, shirts, you name it and he probably has it. So we were vendoring last month, and it was quite fun. I didn't care too much to watch the race. This was just a practice lap, as you can tell there are not many fans out at the moment. About 30mins later, there was probably 50,000 people or more? So it was super hectic but fun to watch these people get excited about all this stuff. :) My types of gig is motorcycle racing! As you know, we have two motorcycles that get raced on a track. I think it's awesome. I used to think motorcycles are dumb to have. But racing in an enclosed circuit where all motorcyles are going the same way, it's not too bad. The competition is fierce!! I'm rambling again, sorry. I do like this picture I took though, enjoy it.

This DUI video is so funny. From a movie I believe :) ENJOY IT!


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