Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Busy Spring

a weed in the yard

Hi my long lost blogger friends! It's been FOR-EV-A since I have seen  wrote to ya'll! So here I am with not much to talk about. I haven't uploaded any recent pictures, so i'm kind of just stuck with a blank white post. I have been doing yard work, family time, hanging out, sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating, eating. Maybe that's why I have gained a few pounds!! We are trying to push moving further south sooner due to me wanting to continue schooling! So I pray that things work out like He wants them to. :) I am plain exhausted.

Dad & I
babes & I
A few weeks ago my mom, sister & I took a trip out of town 45minutes south and visited family and this house. This house is so special to my mom, she grew up here. It's so sad to know that someone in the family owns this, and DARE doesn't take care of this. It used to be BEAUTIFUL mom said. It had a large library inside when you walked in. This is a corner home, so the entire lot was the family.
So that's been life lately! I hope to blog more soon, and more often like before. I hope everyone is doing fantastic!!


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