Tuesday, March 23, 2010

To you

I wanted to introduce my newly blogger sister. Let me tell ya since she's SO very young she won't mind me telling how old she is!. Vicky is my oldest youngest sister, she's 25 19, and is SUPER intelligent. She totally knows that God has a plan for her, don't we all? But do we all know what the plan is? Stay-a-tune. I sure do hear Him knocking on my door, but I usually can't figure out which door he is knocking on. So, i'm still learning. But I did just want to say a few words about Vicky. She is an inspiration to me and my family. She is encouraging, uplifting, intelligent, loving, caring. She really does have a huge heart. She's more in love with Breast Cancer Awareness stuff more than anything. No she has never suffered from the Breast Cancer, she just wants to support those that have and those that are struggling with needs. She will be coming home in (central, TX) here in a few weeks for GOOD! And will be attending the university here, locally, again! :) So I encourage you to step out and visit her site! It's uplifting! Hang in there with her, she is still learning the blog world! Thank ya'll for listening to me ramble about her, but she is sooooooo special to me!

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