Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A little something like this...

Since I don't blog FOR WEEKS at a time, I will give you a little update starting in December!!
This is on a friends "ranch"...

One of the pictures we used as our Christmas card, I love it :) Here are a couple more:

A little fun in the snow for a few days in a row!
So, this is gross:
HAHAHAH! It's an apple. old apple. very. I was cleaning out my walk-in closet the other night, and found this in a purse!! When I switch purses I tend to just take out my wallet and that's it. I forget to CLEAN it out like normal people do. So I found an apple. Your wondering why is there an apple in my purse? Because I like apples, and I take them to work with me. Since my purses are like suitcases(can anyone relate??) an apple fits just fine. :)

My DIY chair:

HERE IT IS ALMOST FINISHED!!!! I HAVEN'T PUT THE PICTURE ON THE COMPUTER WITH THE ARMS ON IT!!!! :) i love it sooo much... My first pillow I made for my sister:

In the process of making a banner:

Made this necklace:

I actually made a ton, just didn't take a lot of pictures. (Thanks girl)--- YOU know who ya are!

For my birthday I got the manliest tool I have ever gotten. That little chair i'm sitting on inspired me to want an electric staple gun!!!! Ha, so KC went out and bought me one :) Thanks babe, love you!

I hope you didn't waste tooo much time ;)
this is a picture with my boss in 2008 @ work for Halloween. Just random :)

why not right?


  1. I LOVE your new blog look! VERY PINK! IM INLOVE WITH PINK RIGHT NOW! (well, always REALLY!!!) and Your chair is FLIPPIN AWWWWWWWWWWESOME! YOu did that? Amazing! I keep wanting to buy something to recover! So cool! Great talent to have I think! When was your Bday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And Your necklace is awesome! THeyre so fun to make, I just need to make some for myself now! and I LOVE your chrismtas pictures! So cute! I cant wait to have a CUTE family picture where EVERYONE is looking and smiling! EH! ANNNNNNNNND BTW, I dont clean out my purses until i go to use them AGAIN. I once found 6 month old chicken nuggets in mine! NASTY! They didnt decay or anything, they just dried out. I guess its NOT real meat from MCDONALDS after alL!!! hhaahaha!

  2. Love all of the pics. Youve been busy with a lot of cute projects!! Love the chair you did such a great job!!