Monday, November 2, 2009

Continual of our trip

So as I was saying...

He was cool to hang out with. At least I feel like I hung out with him and I feel like I know him so very well. Elvis Presley did a huge impact in the Memphis area and i'm sure else where. But that place has dedicated so much to him. Like I have mentioned before, I have never really been a huge fan of Elvis, but it's like... from going to his house, seeing his cars, hearing his daughter I have so much respect for him and his beautiful house! He had an awesome life. I mean who would complain about having a huge home at 22years old and be a millionaire? I know I wouldn't, that's my dream as I type! :) so anyways, I just wanted to share a few photos of him and other places we visited!

You know, Lisa Maria plane:
This is in Nashville:

I think it's a beautiful bridge and we were forever away from it, I thought... no point in zooming in! It's beautiful this far, eh? :)
And maybe you know me and maybe you don't, but I love taking pictures of sunsets and being in OHIO with all the cornstalks was the BEST!!!!!!!!!! I can not get over this:

Isn't it beautiful?!

Stay tuned for more.....

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  1. GO ME! GO ME! Guessin elvis's house! That was like WAY OUT OF THE BLUE!!!!!!!!! Im really proud of myself! haha! Fabulous sunset, as always! Looks like so much fun and SO much to do! I think maybe we'll make a stop there on our toad trip this summer! BOOYA! and Yah, I did make the necklace. I saw them for sale on etsy too, I couldnt spend $199 bucks on a NECKLACE THOUGH! So I went to my closet cut up all the crap I never wear and walla! I figured it out. THen I went to the fabric store and got 1/4 of a yard of 8 fabrics (cost me less than 5 bucks) and that what the one im wearing is made of. Its CRAZY EASY! Takes 5 minutes MAYBE per flower. Buy the pattern from etsy. Thats how I got started. =)