Wednesday, October 14, 2009


fluenza. Which is the flu. I have it! I am highly contagious, as if you didn't know. So please pray that I don't get worse and pray that my surrounding friends/family does not catch it! Since I study medical it scary to know more than a normal person would know! Influenza, thyroid swelling, and on and on and on. SCARY! But God is on my side and I will fight for my life and others :) Just pray, and thank you! On to another subject since that's a sad subject. I HAVE NOT SEEN THE SUN IN A WEEK! What's with that! It's fall and still no sun??? It's been raining, in the 50s or colder and its JUST now October! GIVE ME A BREAK! I guess that's life.
Have ya'll seen the new band "Journey" leader?! Arnel Pineda, and he is just as awesome and Steve!! :) OH I LOVE IT!!!!

He is in the middle, the Phillipino, he really has a great voice! Listen to him.:) GO listen to him GO GO GO GO GO!
Ya'll have a great day!


  1. Hope you get better! We saw that singer on some show a few years ago and he was awesome!!

  2. Hope you feel better! Im so sorry. My two peeps have somthing nasty over here too. Lots of people have swine symptoms, but dont have it. The cold we have is the same, body aches, high fever and cough. Just a cold tho!

    I saw Oprah with Journey on it. It was AMAZING!