Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First time to blog

And I am super excited about this I have been a blog reader for a while now, and now its my turn to share with you guys some of my daily life. I am currently from down south lovely Texas. No, i'm not a cowgirl or any type of that. NOTHING against it just stereotyped automatically by some people that don't think Texas has 'other' types as well :) I have lived in Texas pretty much all my life. Live in Nevada for 6months when I was younger because my dads work transferred him to the West coast for a while. I was in Seattle, WA for 6months last year, until my lovely fiance KC moved here! Just got a house recently and we are decorating it up still! Anywho, i'm so happy to be on here with yall!
This is my mom and dad's dog, its a little dark I know. His name is Coco, very original. He is a Sharpei dog, 6 years old! And I love him!!

And this is my puppy, Brightyn, she was 5weeks in this pictures, LARGE I know :) She is currently 12 weeks as of today YAY So that's us for now!!

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