Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I am, missing. Always. 

Like I said on the last post from 2 almost 3months ago, "I can't believe its been this long since i've posted"... Well here I am again, being lazy with my blog that I like to document things on, no matter if you read or not :) I'm content with documenting for myself. 

Let's start with my birthday, New Year's Eve. :) 
 This is the "take a picture of me taking a picture of you" ever do that? NO? Okay, maybe i'm strange.
 Mark, he is a friend from High School...jeesh from 8years ago. Time flies
 "Wait Jo, didn't you see we weren't ready"- Brit & Sis
Me, Mark, Michelle & Lewis

We pretty much just hung out @ Mi Familias until 11ish & went somewhere else & did the count did for the new years with some champagne!!  I HATE champage, YUCK!
Needless to say, it was definitely a fun night. There isn't many pictures because of  you know.. we drank some and forgot about the camera!!

Anywho, its Wednesday and my second day off work. You may wonder why? BECAUSE OF ICE & SNOW!!!! In Texas? Work gets cancelled if it rains 2inches because everyone is use to 100degree weather :) Dontcha love us Texans?!


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  1. Glad you aer back. Keep it up please!! I didn't know yall were getting snow and ice, jealous. Enjoy your time off!