Sunday, September 19, 2010

San Antonio

KC & I absolutely love the riverwalk and the historic buildings in San Antonio. It is definitely a great place to tour. Not my style to live there, but definitely a neat place to go hang out on the weekends! Well we did go visit that place for Labor Day weekend, did we have a blast or what! Here are a few pictures from some of the missions we went to visit. 
 The above picture is almost my favorite. I love how vibrant the flowers were, very hardy plant. :)

 KC took the picture above, I think he did a fantastic job. He was down low to the ground and shot this picture. There was a storm coming in that day, it totally just fit picture taking of the old historic mission buildings. We really enjoyed our time.

We like each other, a lot. It's a good thing right? ;)
Enjoy y'alls week ahead!

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