Friday, March 5, 2010

Making babies

NOT ME!!! No, not me making babies, but your know virtually. :) Oh, how i love this "accurate" internet stuff! Vanessa made a e-baby, can't I?! So here's my girl:

You know honestly, I think she's cute! What do you think??
Is that pretty accurate?

I think it's fun to play with!! Totally makes you laugh your bottom off!!! I will update my last post maybe tomorrow on the fun *ahem* pillow I made from my red ruffled sweater!!

Happy weekend ya'll!



  1. Well her eyes are pretty but she has mouse teeth. haha. I know your real baby will be cuter. And I hope you have better taste than to buy her a hat like that ! haha

  2. I did this once for my sister and her husband. Its funny how you picture youre baby to look one way and they come out totally different. Lexi was supposed to be a MINI ME! And she got my moms nose and my sisters hair but the rest of her is ALL brian. She didnt get anything of mine. I picture you having mini JO. Yep. Id put money thats what will happen. Have I told you id give my right arm to have skin like yours?