Friday, November 13, 2009

MaryKay love!

Hey I wanted to let you all know I sell MaryKay and I have my website! :) I had a few ask so I thought I would tell you. I just started about a month ago, so i'm still getting my business started. I absolutely love everyone that is in this with me and our products. The awesome thing is that we hold conferences, facial meetings, skin care classes... we just have a ball!! It couldn't get any better. If you are not satisfied with your product I will help you on that. We have awesome holiday gifts being offered right now. At least head over to the site and take a peek! I will get back with you on my personal website because it's not wanting to cooperate with me! Take a look through our awesome Men's & Women's and let me know if you have questions!! If you do email me @ or just leave me a brief comment on here and I will return you question! Thank ya'll!!!

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