Friday, October 2, 2009


The weekend of the 19th of September we have a "Reunion" for my town! TONS of people set their booths up, games, carnival, car shows, tricks, and more galore! :) We enjoyed it ths year the temperature was JUST right! Last year it was about 100-105degrees!! This year, I would say 75-83degrees. 83? What an odd number, but that's what I guessed! But it was a blast. I took my niece and nephew to have a blast at the carnival and walk around!

KC took this cool picture as we were walking in to the car show! I don't have the pictures downloaded to my computer so I can't UPload them to blogspot just yet, but i'll share with ya soon!!

This weekend we had a:

One of KC's friends from work came over and we enjoyed ourselves a little fire in the backyard in our round firepit :) It was such a blast, the temperature was just right to have one and sit close to!!

I know, my nostrils look big?!... weird. Idk. And she was in the middle of standing up. I would show the picture where she is leaning on me, hugging me but that one of me looks ackward too!!



  1. So jealous of the fire pit. I want one so bad!

  2. okay, I tried to comment yesterday but it wouldnt LET ME. RRRRRRRRR. Anyway, im trying this again! Okkay so FIRST of all I LOVE the ferris wheel! Its awesome!!! Okay and I got my lamp like 5 years ago at target on clearance. Ive seen them on craigslist though, recently!!! My camera- I have 3 cameras, one is OLD and junky. I do hate that one. I never use it. The other is NEW and junky, but Its water proof and It takes EXCELLENT video! I use it for water and video shots. My TRUE LOVE camera is my canon 50d. You would NEVER hear me say I hate that one. I do wish I had a nicer lens though. But thats another 1300 bucks I dont have. YEY.

    Anyway- sorry for the RANDOM comment. =)

  3. IT WORKED! and ps. i meant to say I LOVE the ferris wheel SHOT!