Sunday, September 13, 2009

Relaxing weekend

Since it's been raining here for 3 straight days, why not relax right? Last night, guess what we had to supper?!

Potatoe soup!!!! I LOVE IT! Toppings were bacon, green onions, and shredded cheese!!! You can NOT ask for more than this. Since it's been raining, why not have something so warm and filling in THREE bites! KC & I were saying the whole time "mmm.. it's so good!!"... haha, we couldn't get enough of it!

We were taking the trash out today, and saw this beauty growing on our fence ;) (our house in the back!)...yes we have an enormous backyard! But isn't this soooo pretty! Adds a little uniqueness and privacy to our large backyard!

A little transformation for ya! We got this little desk that i'm using RIGHT NOW for my computer desk FOR FREE!!!!!! We were taking our evening walk with our pup and a lady had it sitting outside of her yard and I instantly fell in love with it! KC was like "babe, what in the world would you do with that thing, it's falling apart?"

So we transformed it into something, i love :)

More pictures to come for this transformation!! ;)


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  1. I love that desk! If we were in Bwood you would have had to fight me for it!! My FIL said it has been raining a lot there. Some rain here, mostly gloomy. I need the sun! Can't wait to hear about the duvet cover.