Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I love...

My family of 3. There are only three of us in my household including me ;) And I love it that way. Do I want children? well of COURSE I do!! They are such a blessing but for now, I want school out of the way, buying (or building) a home, get out of debt(everyone's wish!!), and etc... The list can go on and on and on..RIGHT!??! Anways, I just had to post about KC, he is such a delight and intelligent young man that I love so very much, and I couldn't ask for anything better!

Instead of children being his number one thing... SQUIRRELS ARE!! hahahaha, who would of thunk!?

I love to take pictures of the sky, especially when they are in color like that!

KC took the above phote and he said it reminds him of a calender photo ;)

Sorry about the greasy lookin' faces and double chins for trying to take a picture of us three. This was at a restaurant in Fredricksburg! Just a couple of hours south of me. It is a German touristy town. Such an awesome place. The boys were drinking some German beer, YUCK! Nick(KC's buddie) has some German in him and I was born in Verden, Germany so why not? And why wouldn't ya go there? SUCH AN AWESOME AWESOME TOWN!!!

I am done boring ya'll, off to do some medical homework that I feel like i'll never get done with. UGH! And spagetti for din din? COME ON OVER! See ya then!


  1. Squirrels have sort of become our family mascot because our dog is crazy about them. We have a lot of squirrel stuff! Good luck in school, keep going remember next year will come whether you are in school or not, so you might as well tough it out!

  2. HOLY COW YOU ARE SO CUTE!!! You GUYS are so cute together TOO! ANd I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE that FLAIR you got in that sunset picture. I still am working on trying to capture some. It doesnt work for me. EH!